#FastTrackFundraise is a Master Training Program that Focuses on Getting Female Founders Funded FASTER

Gain the tools, network, and coaching to successfully raise your first round of funding and scale your startup

“Successful business are built upon a series of courageous decisions, and a leader's initial willingness to invest in herself.”










"I've met insanely cool female founders, been introduced to the NICEST, most helpful VCs - I was intimidated by a seed round, but now I feel surrounded by a badass network helping me out. Highly recommend!"

Kate Downey
Co-Founder, Caveat

"The caliber of intros I've gotten from Lisa and feedback on my deck has been very valuable in getting a lot of meetings we needed. Another large part of it is the support from other female entrepreneurs. Hearing everyone' s stories, having community to bounce ideas of, has been super helpful. "

Ornicha Srimokla
Co-Founder, CEO, Auroma Brewing Company

"This is the best fundraising program I've seen. I've done other programs before where they've given mostly theoretical advice. Here, every week is practical, you actually get to talk to VCs, you're in a cohort where founders are of a similar same stage. Classes are super organized and accessible so I can always catch up even when I'm busy. Lisa is also really well connected, with solid investor contacts- which most programs don't give you."

Venita Sivamani
Founder, LearnSkin

Don't let lack of clarity or past rejections keep you from raising the money you deserve.

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"We met our lead investor through Lisa's help and closed our first $1M, now we're closing our $6M Series A"

Kristina Jones
Co-Founder, Court Buddy

"As a first time founder, woman, member of the LGBT community, we were up against all odds when it came to raising money. After 200+ investor rejections, I met my lead investor and raised $1 million. "

Rachel Renock
Founder, Wethos

#FastTrackFundraise takes the guesswork out of early stage fundraising

We give you the tools, network, and coaching to successfully raise your first rounds of funding and scale your startup.

#FastTrackFundraise is a 10-Week In-Depth Online Program Designed to Achieve YOUR Fundraising Goals.

Next cohort starts June 10th. Limited Early Enrollment.

  • Learn to turn your vision into a concise and powerful pitch
  • Clean up your pitch deck with clear battle-tested templates
  • Own your numbers and speak confidently about your financial projections
  • Create your targeted MVIP (Most Valuable Investor Partners) list,
  • Strategies to effectively respond to sexist questions flip the power dynamic in any meeting
  • Effective cold email/warm intro/follow up templates to increase your response rate
  • Go into investor meetings, poised, powerful, and leave with a check in hand
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Part 1: The Training Program

Step-by-step videos that walk through every step of the fundraising process.

Receive the instruction, blueprints, scripts and tools to refine and strengthen your pitch, investor materials, and business plan so you can stand out in investor meetings and close funding faster.

Part 2: Investor Q&A Office Hours

We actively help you build meaningful relationships with investors 

Get the opportunity to ask your questions in live Q&A sessions and build meaningful relationships with investors who are committed to investing in female founders. 

Part 3: Live Group Coaching

Receive personalized support no matter where you are in your fundraise.

Getting stuck? Receive tailored support from Lisa Wang during weekly LIVE group coaching calls to make sure you succeed in your fundraising journey.

Part 4: The Community

Join an incredible cohort of like-minded high-growth female founders who are all actively fundraising.

A highly collaborative and supportive environment to learn what's working for other founders, exchange investor contacts, and build a network of lifelong friends.


"Without this course, it would have taken me 3x as long to get everything ready - my decks, my copy and pitch, my emails, my investor list - all of which have been in my To-Dos spreadsheet for some time. I have finally made sense of them and that's a major win for me. This 10-week course kept me focused and grounded--previously I was doing it on my own and I see now that this is what I really needed. In addition to all the things we've learned--the content, the people we've met, the coaching from Lisa--it's been an exercise in focus and getting things done. This was the perfect thing, perfect time, perfect group."

Giorgia Lucciola
Founder, Berclo

Ready to get the funding you deserve?

Your Coach: Lisa Wang

Lisa is the Founder & CEO of The AcadeMe, transforming online education for women. She founded SheWorx, the leading global community & event series for 20K+ female entrepreneurs and has helped thousands of women connect with aligned investors. She is a High Performance Leadership & Pitch Coach, a Forbes columnist driving gender parity in tech, an international motivational keynote  speaker, and Host of the 5-star Enoughness Podcast. Lisa has been awarded Forbes 30 Under 30 in Venture Capital, CIO's top 20 female entrepreneurs to watch. Her work in closing the funding gap has been featured in WSJ, CNN Money, The Atlantic, Fortune, USA Today and more. 

Train with Lisa. LIMITED SPOTS.

A Program Focused on Building Meaningful (Not Transactional) Investor Relationships

Find The Right Investors For You

I'm Ready To Raise!

"It was a safe, supportive, educational environment through and through. what I liked best is Lisa made the investors real - she brought real relationships out, and that's hugely valuable because the whole conversation starts off in a better place. A lot of investors are transactional and when you find the ones that do care, it's extremely valuable. "

Kristy McCann
Founder & CEO, GoCoach


LIMITED EARLY ENROLLMENT SPOTS for the next #FastTrackFundraise Training Program. Next Cohort Begins JUNE 10TH


You don't get funded for having ideas, you get funded for making them happen. 

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