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Lisa Wang is an Olympic Gymnast turned Serial Entrepreneur, International Keynote Speaker dedicated to helping female leaders reach their full potential


"Lisa has been a pivotal coach to me on my co-founding journey. From pitching and presentation skills to leadership, every session with Lisa was a time of new insight, useful reflection and growth that I would not have found with anyone else."

Mendy Marsh
Co-founder and Executive Director, Voice

"It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Lisa. When I started meeting with Lisa, I was shaky in my presentation and lacking confidence when in front of investors. By the end of our mentor sessions, I was not only able to stand proud and project with a profound voice, but I was comfortable and confident in my story, my ask, and my fundraising plan to go forward."

Andrea Seemayer
Founder, CEO at A.Lynn + Director of Production at ZAC Zac Posen

"Without Lisa's #FastTrackFundraise course, it would have taken me 3x as long to get everything ready - my decks, my copy and pitch, my emails, my investor list - all of which have been in my To-Dos spreadsheet for some time. In addition to all the things we've learned--the content, the people we've met, the coaching from Lisa--it's been an exercise in focus and getting things done. This was the perfect thing, perfect time, perfect group."

Giorgia Lucciola
Founder, Berclo

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Are You a Female Entrepreneur Fundraising?

#FastTrackFundraise is an 8-Week Master Training Program that focuses on Getting Female Founders Funded FASTER. Gain the tools, network, and coaching to successfully raise your first rounds of funding and scale your startup. The Next Cohort Begins May 30th.

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"I feel giddy after these courses. By acknowledging my fears, and realizing everyone else is going through the same thing, I started to realize I have what it takes. I often think thoughts like: ‘I’m not enough of a leader, I’m not making enough revenue, I’m not exercising enough, etc.’ and it’s tough to get out of my head. I’m getting to the next stage as a leader, and these courses show me I have the ability to take the small actions towards big goals."

Michelle S.
Sales Director, Mobilize

"The strength that I was able to find within myself is something that all women or men would find value in. The ROI by participating in Lisa’s courses further challenged me to focus on my brand, my dreams, and my career’s growth. My sincerest gratitude goes out to Lisa for allowing me and every other leader to leave each day with a whole heart and refreshing feeling of purpose."

Chelsea G.
Monetization Lead, Google

"You are always wearing your “sales person” hat - whether you’re talking to your investors, employees, customers, or your friends. It is so liberating to escape to a judgement-free environment where you can connect with yourself, share your vulnerabilities, and learn with other amazing successful women. This helps you shed the mask you wear every day, resulting in an honest self-analysis to create an actionable improvement plan."

Hanna M.
Growth & Strategy Manager, Amazon

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